Memorial Marker #3: Cabin On Lake Tahoe

I placed the marker at the cabin on Saturday afternoon. God, the many happy hours we spent here…

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Weird pink-haired girl, do-er, musician, critter freak, CFIDS haver, Chester the dog's mom, Princess Of Darkness, Queen Of Everything. Give me coffee.
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2 Responses to Memorial Marker #3: Cabin On Lake Tahoe

  1. Nancy Scott says:

    Well done. I highly recommend The Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman. Good movie about the death of a child.

    Love, Nancy

    • violetxoxox says:

      I do need to see that. It’s directed by one of my favorite people.

      I’ve been wanting to watch Birth again, but thought it would upset me if it was too soon. I think I’m ready for it now, though. And Truly Madly Deeply, one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s the first movie I wanted to see after Kim died, and I think I could have handled it (meaning I don’t think it would have made me any worse). The main reason I didn’t want to allow myself watch it then is because it IS such a favorite of mine (and was a favorite of my mother’s, too) that I didn’t want to watch it in the midst of the darkest period of my grief because then I’d associate it with that time forever. And it’s a sweet movie, one that I watched more than once with both Mom and Kim. I’d rather it bring back fond memories of THOSE times. (Years ago, when I got my first DVD player, my mom gave me DVDs of my five favorite movies for my birthday, and Truly Madly Deeply was one of the ones she got me.) I think I’m finally at a point where I could watch it and see sweetness and hope and remember the happiness I felt when I saw it with them instead of only focussing on the sadness.

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