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The Dog Is Living On Borrowed Time

THIS is about to get throttled within an inch of its life. Sure, we look all sweet and cute there, in our happy elf outfit. But that was when we were afraid of getting a lump of coal in our … Continue reading

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Farewell, Mr. Brubeck: “Silent Night”

Dave Brubeck is gone. I can’t even believe it. “Take Five” was his most famous and recognized song, but my favorite is “Blue Rondo รข la Turk.” A master of the odd time signature, his body of work was so … Continue reading

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State Of The Trip

Even though I’m in Downieville now, this journal is still at Lake Tahoe. I’m going to be scrambling to catch up on posting, because the Wi-Fi is decent here. But I am on high Bear Alert here in Downieville. Why? … Continue reading

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Memorial Marker #1: Kyburz Flat Interpretive Site

This gallery contains 8 photos.

This was a difficult entry to start. I’ve been sitting here staring at this screen for more than an hour, trying to figure out how to put one of the most traumatic aspects of Kim’s death into words. There are … Continue reading

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The ColBEAR Report

For years I’ve been joking about my fear of being stranded and eaten by bears whenever I go someplace out in the middle of nowhere alone. That fear has intensified since Kim has been gone. I leave my house as … Continue reading

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