The ColBEAR Report

For years I’ve been joking about my fear of being stranded and eaten by bears whenever I go someplace out in the middle of nowhere alone. That fear has intensified since Kim has been gone. I leave my house as little as possible, because I just know bears are hiding everywhere — the park where I walk Chester, the supermarket, the library, the backseat of my car….

How did I not know that Stephen Colbert is all over the bear thing?

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Go, Stephen!

I became aware of all this because of Defenders of Wildlife’s war on Stephen Colbert’s war on bears. Cloris Leachman’s personal plea to Stephen is hilarious. What a brilliant campaign!

Kudos to Defenders of Wildlife, Stephen, and Cloris for bringing the serious plight of bear endangerment to public awareness in a playful way. I hope it helps.

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